Stuart and Natalie
September 29, 2012

~~ Wedding Vows ~~
Knock, Knock.
Who's there?
Mary who?
Marry me!

Today, and I promise you, every day that I'll let you know how much you are loved.  To fill every day with love and laughter.  To let you know just how wonderful I think you are and how much you mean to me.

You are the most kind, thoughtful, wonderful and caring man I've ever known, and I am so very blessed to have you in my life.

I love you for the man that you are and the person that I am because of you.

Every day you fill my heart with sunshine and laughter.  I am so excited to begin our new adventure together.  I love you.

From the beginning, there was always something telling me that you were extra amazing.

The first day we went snowboarding together, you asked me if I wanted to date you, and I said I kinda did.  Then you asked me why, to which I replied, "I like your attitude."

It doesn't matter if it was instinct, wisdom, or luck that got us to this point What matters is that we made it, and we made it together.

You never had to convince me that we were meant to be, you had to convince yourself.  And ever since you did, you have given me your love freely, sometimes forcefully, and most definitely unconditionally.  You have filled my life with laughter every day, just as you promised.  And when you smile at me, you smile with your heart.

So today I vow to always cherish that smile, that laughter, that energy, all that is you.

I vow to create a life full of adventures and fun, with you.

Last year, your niece Eva looked into her crystal ball and told me that I was going to love you for a very long time.  And if your nephew Quinn is correct, that will be until we are at least 120.

And so I vow to look at you every one of those days and be thankful for this amazing gift that you are giving me today.

And to love you for this gift.  Always.