Stuart and Natalie
September 29, 2012

~~ Registry ~~

In lieu of gifts, we would appreciate if you would consider making a donation to the below charities.  We chose charities that are meaningful to us, and any donation to them would touch us in a very personal way.

And if you are caught between giving us a gift or getting a hotel on our wedding night, PLEASE treat yourself to a hotel room!  That would be gift enough for us as we very much want everyone to enjoy the whole party.

Zambia village
Zambian Children's Fund

Zambia is a beautiful land-locked country in south-eastern Africa.  The people are extremely friendly, humble, and giving, while the wild animals are amazing!  Unfortunately, Zambia has one of the highest HIV infection rates in the world which has led to an explosion of orphans.

The Zambian Children's Fund provides housing, meals, and education to many orphans near the capital of Lusaka.  Donations go directly to raising and educating the kids to help them become self-sufficient citizens.  Our relatives, Barby and Chuck Goldschmid, work for the Fund, and we would love to support their efforts.

Click here to make a donation.

(RED) Natalie and Trish


( RED )

The (RED) project partners with retailers who give part of their profit to support programs to fight AIDS, TB, and malaria.  When you buy (RED) products, you are directly supporting HIV/AIDS programs in Africa.

Click here to go to the (RED) web site, then click "Donate to the Global Fund" to make a donation.  Also make sure to click on "Tribute Gift: Yes, Send an eCard" so that they notify us about your donation.

Continental Airlines
Continental Airlines

We understand that some people would prefer to give us a gift rather than donate.  As such, we have set up a gift registry with Continental Airlines.  Gifts of any amount above $25 will go towards our future air travel.  Since our families are scattered around the country and the globe, gifts will help us visit them more often!

Click here to go to the United/Continental web site.  If the link does not work, send us an email and we'll send you a link.